Project: Neural Avatar Control in a 3D Virtual Environment
Languages Used: Lua, NIA, c++
Programs Used: NIA (Headset Control), Luster (3D Environment), Fraps (Video Recording)
Time Spent: 3 months
Completion Date: September 2nd, 2010

Abstract: This project focused on the development of techniques to improve realism within the field of three-dimensional avatar control. This was accomplished by replacing a traditional hand-based peripheral controller with a Neural Impulse Actuator headset, a device which read and reported a user’s brainwaves in real-time. The avatar’s Virtual Environment was designed to make use of the headset’s output features. A series of headset-based trigger events were implemented, each of these allowing the user to alter the environment based upon a series of preconditions. These requirements were most often met via control of the Neural Impulse Actuator device (NIA). The project’s success rate was based upon how well a new user was able to interact within the environment, with regards to adapting to the system, influencing the virtual world, and performing faster with neural-based commands than with keyboard-based commands.

Powerpoint Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation

Final Report PDF: Virtual Avatar Control – Final Report