So, I’m back. Sorry for the half a year hiatus. I took some time off from the comic, and then once that was over, the above self-indulgent monstrosity took a couple of months to produce. I have a feeling that Diagnosed is not going to make a lot of sense to most people. It’s a Journey comic, which, for the most part, are lengthy, stylized, surreal, and above all demonstrate a moment in life, the meaning of which is up to interpretation by the reader. This one deals with being diagnosed with a life-long illness. For the most part, it’s a very personal comic, and unless you’re me or you know me, you may be entirely confused. You’re not wrong, and I hope you at least enjoy it (I’m rather proud of the quality at least). For those who’ve been through something similar, my hope is that even in some small way, my experience resonates with you.

If not then, well, at least it’s very shiny.