News Update!

As a part of the “Hey, I revived Insert Life Here again (for good…serious this time)” event, I’m going to attempt to network the comic. Again. Despite having lost the majority of the fanbase. Well, for those few who held on all those years, I want to give something back! So, starting now, I’ll be doing comic-portraits of people at request (ie, send me an epic portrait photo, and I’ll send you an ILH-styled cartoon version back). Just comment to this post, or in the forums, asking me for one. I’ll put on a page on the site demoing some of the portraits in the coming week. The only requirement is that you use the pic as your twitter, facebook, or any other service that requires a “profile” picture. Viral marketing + cool art.

Win-win, no?

*EDIT* Added the “Personalized Profile Project* to the header bar.