Okay. I should probably explain a few things about the revamp:

1. I’m starting from the top and giving the whole five year story. It will take a while to get back to the end of year three, but trust me you’ll enjoy the ride.

2. The reason I’m doing this is so that the comic can now be more about the characters and less about random college antics. I want it to be a narrative. Same type of dark humor, and many of the same comic storylines as before. Think of the reboot’s storytelling as being more in the vein of Questionable Content rather than something like XKCD. Although the humor is definitely closer related to xkcd.

3. Updates: Fuck it, we’re RSS feeded now. I’ll update when I get the time. But it’ll be more frequently than what everyone’s used to. [Although…that’s not saying much]

[I’m glad to be back]

-E. Oliver Coakley