Not sure where to begin. Sorry for the comic hiatus? Sorry for the lack of an update? Sorry for just…disappearing? Most (ALL) of that is my fault. Not to get too into detail about my life, but right after switching to Chosen, I entered a brief period of (f)unemployment, where I had to focus on more pressing issues than drawing. However, as the above comic hints at (like a 50-ton metaphor to the face), I got a job. A good job. One that I consider to be my dream job, which was (and still is) amazing. However, during those first few months of employment, I didn’t have any time to draw.


…but as time went on, I came to realize that Diagnosed was too dark to be the last Insert Life Here comic. I had to end on an upbeat (you keep saying ‘end’, you know that’s a lie, right?) comic, and I figured the story of Dream Job would be fitting.


And so, here it is. In all of it’s glory, and all of it’s horror.


It isn’t much, but it took all year.