And with that, the Sergei’s Sister comics begin anew. So, in gaming news, just two more weeks until Diablo III, and the glorious time sink that will be. Attempting the Witcher 2 in the meantime. Never played the first one, but I need something to tide me over until Blizzard reaps my soul once more. That or dog raising, which is apparently a full time activity…especially if they love to play escalation. Like for house breaking…you put out potty pads so they can go in the house, dog avoid the pads. Put a gate to seal them into one section of the house, dog eats the grate, goes into the other room, and shits next to the potty pad. Cage the pup for the day, dog shits self and rolls in it. Purely to spite you.

You know. The normal stuff.


UPDATE: Good news: I am not dead! Better news: The new comic is on its way! I’m trying to do something a bit more grand for #100, and it’s taking a decent amount of time to complete. Just finished the Illustrator version last night, and it’s the size nine comics in one.