Finishing up with year two and I figured I should at least have one dorm-based prank comic. This one was inspired by my former floor-mate Kevin. Insanely wealthy kid from Hong Kong who was majoring in computer science. Rarely went to class, and would always wait till the last second to do any assignment. But when he did, he would always ace the damn thing. It was maddening. The rest of his college experience was spent in his room watching anime. All anime, I’m convinced. Some of which had to be plumbed from the depths of the shadiest torrent sites. The ones only whispered about in shadows. He would also copy and burn everything to DVDs, in case he ever felt the need to rewatch. So much to the extent that when he graduated, he fled the country with a briefcase containing hundreds of pirated CDs handcuffed to his wrist. Nice guy. I haven’t heard from him since.

I’m pretty sure he was a spy.

Oh, and he built the device featured above.

That’s all.