Another Monday, another update. 2011 is almost at an end, and by the time that ball drops and 2012 is officially ushered in, I’ll have completed around 70 comics. And while I should feel like that’s an accomplishment, I feel as thought that number should have been up around 104…with twice a week updates, and all. So, I’ll continue to stick that that schedule (2x a week updates), but as the year winds down and the holiday season ramps up, I’ll have less and less time for these. That, and I have honestly started to get bored with Insert Life Here as of late. Not meaning that I find the comic boring, but that I would really want to work on another artistic project.

The concept is a simple 3 to 4 panel comic series that I could produce three updates per week segments. I need to hammer out the details further, but it would be a sci-fi/fantasy/rpg/meme heavy comic. Similar to ILH, but nerdier humor, deeper characters, simpler stylized art, and easier to update. I’ll release some more details before the coming of 2012. It’s was going to be the post-ILH project, once this comic is done in two years time…but I’m thinking of starting it sooner rather than later.


UPDATE [12-12-2011]: Very busy weekend. I’ll get today’s comic out later tonight/early Tuesday.