^– Plot comic. Trust me, it’s going somewhere. In other news, happy labor day! First time in six years that I didn’t celebrate the holiday by returning to RIT. It’s a strange feeling: not heading back, yet still seeing most of the facebook and reddit feeds alive with the chatter of incoming and returning students alike. I’ve been gone for about a year now, and while I acknowledge that I am indeed done with college, there is still some part of me wishes I could be back there…celebrating and complaining with the rest. But I’m too damn old now…and most, if not all, of the people from my time have left. Besides, the benefits of not heading back this year are that instead of heading to my first day of classes and homework on this fine holiday, I can stay home, draw comics and play Star Wars: Old Republic beta. Amazing damn game, even at its current stage in beta. Once that game is released, it’ll probably be the equivalent of WoW for my mid-late 20s. Well, that and Diablo III…whenever they’re released.

Till then, more updates! I’ll try to put one more out this week. Might be Thursday…or possibly Friday.